Better Efficiency Through ERM Software

by | Jul 26, 2023

In this era of reduced labor pools, you don’t always have the luxury of staffing up to solve the issues faced by your rental business. And very often, adding more hands doesn’t always equate to adding more “horsepower” for your business, just more risk and expense. What your business truly needs to move forward is advanced Enterprise Risk Management software (ERM).

According to The University of Scranton, ERM offers ten ways to improve any business:

  1. Efficiently store and manage data such as customer and equipment information.
  2. Automate customer service processes for employees.
  3. Scale the software to accommodate increased resources.
  4. Maximize the reliability of IT infrastructure necessary for customer service.
  5. Secure customer data efficiently.
  6. Access information in real-time for quick decision-making.
  7. Reduce the cost of doing business.
  8. Standardize processes for improved consistency.
  9. Enhance supply chain management.
  10. Ensure regulatory compliance.

ERM can not only make your rental business more profitable and efficient, but it can also solve common communication challenges between customer-facing and back-office functions like equipment availability, call-offs, exchanges – basically all the things that go into being a rental business.

In short, ERM makes every employee more relevant, and their work more efficient, because the system helps ensure that they have up-to-date data at their fingertips.

You demand business solutions that are simple yet powerful, state-of-the-art, organized, and most of all, web-enabled. These tools ultimately drive how well you manage your business and your assets, reducing risk and increasing profits.

Within this industry, there are many ERM choices. But Fame Rental stands out as the only truly modern asset-centric, web-enabled, comprehensive rental management software designed precisely for the needs of a rental business.

Fame tracks every aspect of each piece of equipment from cradle to grave, ensuring that your business is hitting the most profitable sweet spot for each asset’s lifecycle. In real-time and on one integrated platform, it handles every rental from reservation to return, which maximizes utilization and return on assets. Fame also handles sales, sales inventory, and post-sale services — which makes it ideal for both supply sales and equipment sales.

The FameAir™ web application provides real-time information to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Everyone in the company – including your customers – can now make smarter, more informed decisions all the time. Risk is reduced and service levels are optimized. This results in happier and more loyal customers and employees. In today’s climate, you cannot afford to do anything less.

When the software you use is built for the needs of your company, and leverages technologies in the Internet world (IoT), you can be confident that your rental equipment, and your rental company, are in good hands.

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by Joe Lewis, President & CEO, Fame Rental

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