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by | Jan 7, 2020

The Fame Team, Greg Lewis, Josh Lewis, Chris Amaro, and Marissa Fox all had a blast at the 2019 American Rental Show in Anaheim, California. The group representing Fame Rental hosted their own booth for three days with countless rental owners and managers seeking a new solution for the software of their business. They also attended several seminars and gained massive insight into the future of technology and how Fame can apply that to the future of the rental software industry. Over the course of three days, the team learned an extensive amount of information on what exactly rental owners and managers are craving out of their software.

#1: “I NEED AN ALL IN ONE SOLUTION”: The common trend the team found was that a huge portion of the owners, managers, and salespeople of the rental businesses were in need of a software that had everything in one place. They continuously were looking for information, calling several people before they could create a contract and found themselves becoming frustrated with daily activities.

#2: “I NEED TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS MY DATA FROM SEVERAL LOCATIONS”: Many of the booth visitors voiced concern for not being able to access their information unless they were behind the desktop counter in their base office. They found that it became difficult to find the information they needed and to communicate with one another within their business. One guest described this as becoming a huge game of “telephone”.

#3: “I NEED SOFTWARE THAT IS EASIER TO UNDERSTAND AND NAVIGATE”: A lot of visitors to the booth were in search of a new software solution solely based on the reasoning behind their current software being too difficult to understand or navigate. Some described not being able to “go back” if you made a mistake when writing a contract thus, having to start all over. Others voiced that their software worked and looked like it hadn’t been changed since the late 1990s. Many found that it was also difficult to keep track of their business on their current software because of new technology that they are using and/or procedures that they have put in place.

Here at Fame Rental, we care about what our clients crave from their software. We are constantly working to benefit and tend to our customer’s needs and wants through innovative and forward-thinking.

Have feedback? Ideas for future technology? Interested in more information? Email us here. We want to hear from you.

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We’ll see you next year ARA 2020!

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