Rental Sales Experience


Tired of being stuck behind a table? Now, you can take your counter with you – anywhere, anytime. Check fleet availability, write contracts, collect signatures, call units off-rent – all from one seamless interface.

  • Quotes / Reservations
  • Customer Specific Rates
  • Usage Billing
  • Suggested / Required / Alternative Items
  • LDW / Security Deposit / Taxes
  • Re-Rentals
  • Digital Signature Capture
  • Check-out Inspections

Customer Portal

Deliver high-quality service to meet customer expectations. Give your customers their own web portal to pay invoices online, browse your fleet, create sales orders, and more.

  • Multiple Payment Means
  • Credit Card Capture
  • PCI Compliant
  • On-Account Payments
  • Grace Periods
  • Partial Call-Offs
  • $, %, and Hourly Discounts
  • User Breadcrumb Tracking
  • Real-Time G/L Integration

Equipment Maintenance Experience

Technician Productivity Enhancements

Update work orders in real-time – track time, scan-out inventory via barcodes, issue goods out of inventory, photograph assets, and access digital owner’s manuals – all from an iPad.

Predictive Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be nice to look into the future? Connect to your assets in real-time so you can automatically generate *prioritized* maintenance work orders.

Critical Parts Alerts

Auto-Issue a Purchase Order when critical parts run below min/max stock levels, or when a vendor’s lead time falls outside our forecast for required inventory for upcoming PMs.

Support for Multiple Facilities

Keep up with work orders across multiple facilities and warehouses with tools to help you allocate purchased inventory to specific work orders and auto-alert technicians.

  • Mobile WO Management
  • Tech Skillset Assignment
  • Tech Availability Calendar
  • Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Scheduler
  • Customer Text / Email Alerts
  • Unlimited Queues/ Teams
  • vs. Actual Time Tracking
  • Warranty Chargebacks

Advanced Inventory Management

Utilize real-time tracking and data analysis to optimize inventory management, improve equipment maintenance, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

  • MRP Forecast Wizard
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Multi-Bin
  • Mobile Stock
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Critical Parts Tracking
  • Min/Max Alerts
  • Vendor Lead Times

Automated Purchasing Management

Purchasing can now work with maintenance in real-time. Open a work order, submit a Purchase Req for parts, review warranty coverage, approval it on your phone, consolidate Purchase Reqs onto one PO and create multiple A/P Invoices, Payments, and Goods Receipts.

  • Multi-Stage WO Segments
  • 3rd Party Contractors
  • Procedure Templates
  • Photo Capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Invoice from Work Order
  • Purchase from Work Order
  • Real-Time G/L Integration