It’s All About the Rental Assets 

by | Jun 13, 2023

In its latest blog post, Fame Rental offers tips for efficient rental equipment inventory management.

Westport, Conn. (April 5, 2023) – In the latest blog post from Fame Rental, the company outlines practical tips every successful rental business should follow to optimize revenue and care for its most important asset – equipment. 

According to Fame, there are many ways to improve equipment management. Asset management software that is integrated into a management system is one of the most effective tools any rental business can utilize to help streamline operations, grow, thrive, and boost profitability. 

“Asset management software can keep up with your equipment much better than you can as one person or even a group of people. In addition, such software — when properly employed — can ensure that your equipment is maintained correctly and on a timely basis,” the blog states. Fame notes a few benefits of this type of system:

  • Preventative Maintenance: It is often difficult to keep up with which assets have been serviced recently and which need service. Asset management software keeps track of preventative maintenance, making sure that all equipment is serviced regularly in rotation.
  • Reduced Downtime: The greatest cost a rental company will experience is taking equipment offline for an extended period for unscheduled maintenance. A business will spend more in lost rental revenue and Customer goodwill than it would to maintain the equipment throughout its serviceable life.
  • Keep Track of Warranties: Asset management software will also keep track of equipment warranties. If a piece of equipment carries manufacturer coverage, the rental business will know about it and be able to be properly reimbursed for the repair.

About Fame Rental

Fame Rental from Fame Intel is an all-in-one, mobile-first ERP platform designed to give rental companies the tools they need to provide their customers with a level of service they could never imagine before. Through Fame’s software platform, businesses can manage rentals, sales, service, retail, leases, manufacturing, maintenance, inventory, parts, purchasing, accounting, asset financing, payroll and more – all on one, fully integrated system. Above all, it helps them outsmart their competition, transform how they make decisions, and increase profitability.

Based in Westport, CT, Fame Intel offers web-based technology solutions for the office and mobile tools for the field. The company’s platforms help manage every aspect of rental, equipment, sales, service, or retail businesses. 

For more information visit the Fame Intel website or call (917) 565-9061.

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