Rental Software Series: Fame Intelligence

by | Jun 13, 2023

Founded: 2017

Founders: Lori Lewis, Greg Lewis, Jaclyn Lewis and Joe Lewis

Current software products: Fame Rental

Target customers: Companies that provide construction equipment rental and supplies.

How does your product make a rental store more efficient? “Fame Rental makes rental companies the best they can be because it creates seamless communication and document flow between employees, whether they be in sales, accounting, service technicians or in the yard. Our platform also connects to a wide range of web services, including telematics, sales tax management, maps and credit card merchant services,” says Joe Lewis, Fame Intelligence CEO.

“With a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, Fame Rental integrates all vital information and makes it available to handle exceptions in real-time, identify and predict interventions when needed, and measure performance at every level of the organization,” Lewis says.

Why should a rental store choose to use your software? “Our mission is to help make rental companies the best they can be. A rental company should be using Fame Rental because it is properly engineered for the needs of today’s businesses. It improves operational efficiency and communication, ensures equipment is properly maintained, provides open communication with customers, and improves performance and profitability.

Fame Rental offers many features that positively impact the bottom line of any rental company. Our end-toend system handles every aspect of rentals, such as reservations, returns, exchanges, re-rentals, consignments, field repairs, inspections, pictures, customer signatures and full ability to be audited. In addition, FameAir™, Fame Rental’s web application, provides a customer portal that enables a rental company to shop both rental and sales items, request a quote or reservation, track deliveries and pickups, request service, and see, print and pay invoices,” Lewis says.

What pain points are you solving for your customers? “Fame Rental was designed to address many issues rental companies deal with every day, including the overhead that results from the siloed nature of paper-based systems, the inefficiency and inaccuracy of having multiple systems glued together, the inefficiency that results from ‘not knowing’ — regardless of what that might be, the exposure of having someone else own your data and the expense of not being able to manage both rental inventory and sales inventory — simultaneously in one system,” Lewis says.

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