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Expectations Have Changed. It’s Time We Invest in Tomorrow. (2 Minute Read)

Article Courtesy of Fame Rental; To be published in Rental Industry News at the 2020 ARA Show.

It all starts with assumptions. What assumptions have we made that drive our businesses into this new decade? Do we assume the market is picking up? Do we assume our customers are loyal? Do we assume what worked yesterday, will work again tomorrow?

As Simon Sinek writes in his book Start With Why, “the slightest change in just one assumption can drastically alter an outcome” specifically, with our businesses. Just think, what if the Wright Brothers assumed they didn’t have the resources to build a flying machine? If Steve Jobs assumed computers were really only beneficial for businesses?

At Fame, we not only assume expectations have changed, we assume expectations are changing faster than ever before. We assume you expect more from us than ever before, as do your customers. It’s actually quite daunting! But we wake up every day inspired to meet the challenge.

So in 2020, let’s revisit our assumptions.

Are you using the latest technologies to make your customers’ and employees’ lives easier?

Seventy-five percent (75%) of business buyers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.1 What do your customers expect from you? Are you simply current? Or progressive? Sixty-six percent (66%) of business buyers actively seek to buy from the most innovative companies.1

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of customers found voice-activated personal assistants like Amazon Alexa to have already transformed, or to be actively transforming, their expectations from companies.1 That’s why we built the Fame Rental Alexa App, to take one (of many) small steps toward exceeding your expectations. Every day, we wake up inspired to help make your life better.

That’s what we’re here to do: Everything in our power to inspire our people to innovate our businesses, so we stay ahead of customers’ evolving expectations, your customers’ expectations.

What is it about Harley Davidson that inspires their customers to get Harley tattoos? Harley formed a community with the assumption that acceptance and freedom are the way of life; it’s about bringing people together and sharing the same belief.

So in 2020, let us assume relentless innovation is the way of life. That our customers expect more from us. Let’s innovate together. Let’s invest in a better tomorrow.

What assumptions drive your beliefs? What makes you different? What inspires your customers to get tattoos of your logos?

Share them with us at info@fameintel.com or tweet them to us @famerental. Also, be sure to visit ARA Booth #4598 for more information.