The Top 3 Tips for How to Avoid Losing Your Top Employees

by | Oct 8, 2019

John Bibb’s Top 3 Mistake to Avoid To Retain Top Talent

In this podcast, skip the interview and take potential hires to dinner.

We spoke with John Bibbo, President of the American Rental Association and President of Event Source & Panache Events. He shared his point of view on retaining top talent and dove into some of the top mistakes he’s made over the course of his career. Finally, he shared his top 3 tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes.

What you will learn: 

  1. Keep it a Conversation
  2. Be Transparent
  3. Training Techniques
In our previous podcast, we spoke with Suzanne Kelly, a top Human Resource Manager for Bridgewater Associates. We covered the hiring process and steps to take when finding the right candidate for the job: interview style.

5 steps that we’ve learned already:

  1. Knowing the Individual
  2. Understanding the Vision
  3. Understanding your Strategy
  4. Personality and Culture fit
  5. Reference Checking like a Pro

John Bibbo, Jr. is the president of Event Source and Panache Events. With 30+ years managing operations in six cities serving hospitality, institutional and corporate business and nonprofit organizations. Event Source & Panache Events annually equips and customizes 15,000+ events ranging from single item rentals to very large events. John assesses and customizes facility layout, design, construction and operational workflow systems that optimize service to customers. John and his staff have honed a hub and spoke business model for Event Source. Sought after by other companies in the industry, the format controls quality from one central operations hub, concentrating on a larger pool of inventory for each of the satellite locations. Focuses on team development of company culture and management of multi-city staff of 200. John and his staff identify and innovate trends in the special events industry. Known for consistent, efficient, personalized customer service that exceeds industry standards. Life-long special events industry experience in multi-generation family business with commitments to communities served. John personally encourages younger people to be involved in the industry and helps motivate their growth and develop skills. With visits to more than 100 rental operations throughout his career, John greatly respects all sizes and types of businesses in the industry. From this he observes management styles and operations that crystallize success, and he shares that knowledge with others in the industry. John is currently serving as the American Rental Association President. The highest honor in the Event Rental industry, voted in by fellow industry leaders.

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